Health and hygiene

We take hygiene and the health and safety of our guests seriously.

We use only the best cleaning products and cat litter to ensure our guests’ accommodation is scrupulously clean and fresh.
All guests are checked for any obvious signs of illness or injury on arrival, to ensure they are fit and healthy prior to their stay. Whilst every care and precaution is taken, guests are boarded at the sole risk of the owner.

Guests are required to have received up to date core vaccinations as a minimum standard. These include Feline Infectious Enteritis (FIE) and feline upper respiratory diseases, Herpesvirus (FHV-1) and Calicivirus (FCV).  (Please refer to your pets vaccination card where this should be clearly indicated, if in doubt please contact your Veterinary Surgeon)
Any cats found to be harbouring external or internal parasites will be treated upon the advice of a Veterinary Surgeon. Please note all charges incurred will be added to your total invoice.

In the unlikely event that your pet falls ill during their stay with us, we will endeavour to contact your Veterinary Surgeon in the first instance.  In an emergency situation it may be necessary to take your pet to our closest Veterinary Surgery.  Your pet is insured for any illness or injury acquired whilst in our care, however any pre-existing conditions will not be covered and costs incurred for their treatment will be added to your final invoice.

Should your pet be taking any current medication, this will be administered at no extra cost by the owner/manager of Aristocat hotel who as a Registered Veterinary Nurse is experienced in administering various medications by all routes i.e. oral, topical, injectable etc.

Only cats from the same household may share a suite.  Please note for the wellbeing of all our guests, we are unable to accept uncastrated males over the age of eight months.


A 25% deposit is required at time of booking to secure your suite. We accept all major debit and credit cards for payment over the telephone.  Please note an additional charge of 1.5% will be charged for all credit card payments. We also accept payment by cash, direct transfer and cheque.

Both day of arrival and departure are charged. A 50% reduction of daily rate on departure day will be made for guests scheduled to check out in the morning.

Double daily rate will be charged for Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years’ day.

Cancellation of bookings within a 30 day period will be charge in full.  However if we are able to rebook your reserved suite for the same period we will at our discretion refund up to 75% of the costs.

Settlement of the final account is due upon collection of your pet.